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Surroundings Island of la Palma

Let yourself be captivated by the surroundings.

La Palma is not only nature, for ever since the 16th century, when the first sugar mills were established and local wine production achieved great renown - particularly the famous Malmsey wine which was even quoted by literary figures such as Shakespeare - the island gained considerable importance through trade, and shipyards flourished in which the local timber resources were put to good use for the construction of sailing vessels which plied the American trade routes.

This economic relevance reached the heights of greatness, with La Palma’s harbour being regarded as the third most important in the Spanish Empire, together with Antwerp and Seville, and with the first Court of the Indies  (Juzgado de Indias) being established in its capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma. As a legacy of this Golden Age, during which La Palma was, without doubt, the most important of the Canary Islands, and also due to various later periods of commercial prosperity, nowadays we find numerous works of art, especially of a religious character, as well as historic buildings of great value in a remarkable state of preservation.

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