A hotel with charm on La Palma

Hacienda San Jorge

On a large, scenic estate with abundant vegetation located on the island of La Palma, stands the Hacienda San Jorge. It is an establishment with special charm, due to its traditional island architecture, and the beauty of its landscapes and natural surroundings. The Hacienda San Jorge is set amidst a cluster of low-rise constructions in the manner of a local island village, in which the typical colours, formerly used to paint house fronts, have been recovered. The most interesting feature of this Hotel, and what immediately captures visitors’ eyes as they stroll along Hacienda San Jorge’s delightful pathways, is the irregular layout, resulting from having preserved the original vegetation growing on the estate, and having placed the attractive buildings around the giant Ficus trees, the numerous palm trees , and several pre-existing Dragon trees.

But all of this would have been insufficient without fine gardening work, which has turned the hotel exterior into a leafy, lush oasis which captivates and enamours clients with its special charm. Enjoy your holidays on La Palma at the Hacienda San Jorge.

Hotel on the Island of La Palma

The first thing that surprises you on entering the Hotel, is its immense, refreshing lobby:  seven hundred square metres of light and colour, with plants everywhere, and decorated with avant-garde furniture. Meeting up with people either takes place in the Lobby, or at the highly original seawater swimming pool, shaped like a lake, where hammocks and parasols are available, as well as bathing towels. A quick dip and a cooling drink beneath the giant Ficus tree will soon leave you feeling satisfied for having chosen the ideal spot to relax for a few days, as you breathe in the surrounding atmosphere of quiet, peacefulness, and absolute tranquillity on the Island of La Palma. Close to the Reception desk, the complex offers a mini-market where food, books, press, typical souvenirs, embroidery and a wide range of beach and swimming accessories can be found.

And for any kind of information about the Island of La Palma, our Hotel staff will be delighted to help you.  ¡Enjoy your stay!

Activities on La Palma

La Palma is a “miniature continent” with numerous microclimates which, for example, makes it possible, in just over an hour by road, to go from swimming on the beach, to driving up to the summit and playing in the snow; or, even more impressive, from being in hot sunshine at over 20ºC, and then merely going through a tunnel of little more than a kilometre in length, and needing to get your umbrella out because it’s pouring with rain. To put it in a nutshell, few destinations can offer such a variety of landscapes and climates in such a small space, making lots of outdoor activities possible the whole year round.