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Hacienda San Jorge

Hacienda San Jorge receives the HolidayCheck Gold Award 2023

By | 7 June, 2023 | 0 comments

At Hacienda San Jorge we are proud and excited to have received the HolidayCheck Gold Award 2023, making us the only hotel on La Palma to receive it.

This award is given by the leading independent hotel rating portal in German-speaking countries and in the “gold” category can only be received by hotels that have won at least 5 consecutive HolidayCheck Awards.

This award, which recognises the best hotels in the world, was only awarded to 152 accommodations worldwide in 2023. To qualify for this award, a hotel must have received at least 50 customer reviews and be recommended by at least 90% of its guests. Another of the aspects to be taken into account by the portal to award the prize to a hotel is the average score of the establishment, where different details of the hotel such as rooms, location and services are valued. The winning hotels must have a minimum score of 5 out of 6 on HolidayCheck.

This award is added to others already won this year, such as the Traveller’s Choice 2023 by Tripadvisor, the TUI Global Hotel Awards 2023- TUI Quality Hotel or the Best Location Award – Schauinsland Reisen, which once again make Hacienda San Jorge the best hotel on La Palma according to the customers.

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