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What can you see in La Palma? La Palma’s Los Tilos Forest

By | 3 January, 2024 | 0 comments

There are many places to visit in La Palma that will make you fall in love with our pretty island and one of them is los Tilos Forest. It is one of the most important laurel forests of Canary Islands, and an example of its richness is that in 2002 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, a distinction that now has the whole island.

Los Tilos has a natural heritage with an exceptional value and the presence of a very peculiar flora and fauna. From tile trees, viñátigos, palos blancos, laurels, acebiños, barbusanos, strawberry trees, peralillos (little pears), candleberry myrtle, common heather, and giant ferns to Bolle’s and laurel pigeons, as well as countless invertebrates.

If during your trip to La Palma you want to organize a visit to Los Tilos Forest, some of the plans you should not miss are the following. Visit the village of Los Sauces from where you’ll access easily to the natural area. The perfect place to start your visit to Los Tilos Forest is the visitor center. Very close to it you’ll find one of the charms of this place, The Cascade of Los Tilos Forest. For those who want to train their legs and go a little deeper into the forest, there’s a 3 kilometers long trail. And for the most adventurous the PR LP6 trail will take them to the springs of Marcos y Cordero.

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