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Get to know the San Antonio de La Palma Volcano

By | 28 April, 2024 | 0 comments

The San Antonio Volcano is one of the best-known volcanoes on the island of La Palma and one of the most visited by tourists as it has its Visitor Center. The San Antonio volcano is located in the municipality of Fuencaliente so we should really call it the Fuencaliente Volcano which is associated with the 1677 eruption.


Recent studies showed that the San Antonio cone already existed when it erupted on the Fuencaliente volcano.


It was a Strombolian volcano of a fissure nature. This means that its eruption was based on strong explosions with emissions of volcanic bombs, ash and pyroclasts. Furthermore, like the rest of the volcanoes that form the Cumbre Vieja ridge, this volcano had a fissure character, which means that the earth opened in the form of a crack. A Greek one that in this case opened 18 eruptive mouths, through which lava continued to be emitted.


This series of eruptive mouths is the one that relates the eruption of Fuencaliente to that of San Antonio. The volcano was emitting lava and pyroclasts for two whole months. The eruptive activity began on November 17, 1677 and ended on January 21, 1678.


Hundreds of years have passed, and subsequent eruptions and eruptions have shaped the cone around it but nonetheless the peak surprises its base at 180 metres.


Therefore, this volcano is not characteristic for its impressive height but for its perfect roundness that makes us not aware that we are walking through a volcanic crater.


In addition to being a volcano worth visiting, it is an ideal viewpoint to contemplate another volcano like Teneguía.


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