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Things to do in La Palma | The 5 best natural pools in La Palma

By | 28 March, 2024 | 0 comments

La Palma is full of points of interest to get to know the island in depth. But today we’re here to talk about the five best natural pools that you can’t miss during your stay.


If you don’t want to miss some of the natural wonders of La Palma during your stay, we advise you to rent car and start your route to live the experience.


  1. Charco Azul


It is one of the most popular natural pools on the island. Ideal for enjoying a swim with the family. It is located on the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces. It is located very close to the sea and is perfect to go with the little ones of the house since it has a small pool next to it.


To get there by car, take the LP-1 towards Los Sauces and then take the LP-104 directly towards the natural pool.



  1. The Fajana


It is located on the northeast of the island in the municipality of Barlovento. It is made up of 3 natural pools with recreational areas to spend the day and enjoy the good weather on the island. The central pool is surrounded by two smaller pools that retain their nature despite modifications.


Take the LP-1 towards Los Sauces, then the LP-104 to Los Sauces and then the LP-107 to the Fajana.



  1. Charco de el Remo

El Remo is one of the lesser-known towns on the island. It has a pond or natural pool with a special charm. And it barely covers the water, which makes it perfect for a bath with the little ones in the house.


With your car, take the LP-3 to the town of La Laguna and then the LP-213 until you reach El Remo.



  1. Charco of Puntalarga

El Charco de Puntalarga is located directly on the beach. It is easily accessible, and the water covers little most of the time. It is perfect for enjoying the tranquillity and taking a dip in a natural pool on a family day.


Take the LP-206 to Los Canarios and then the LP-209 to Puntalarga.


  1. Los Cancajos

Finally, we visited one of the best natural pools on the island, Los Cancajos. Located in the municipality of Breña Baja, within the beach itself, perfect to avoid travel.

Enjoy this small natural swimming pool when the tide is high to be able to take a swim because when the tide is low, the water will not be enough to enjoy your swim.

To get there, take the LP-2 and you will arrive in about 10 minutes to this natural pool.


Now that you know the route of natural pools that you can do on your visit to La Palma, it’s time to finish organizing your trip and spend a pleasant stay at Hotel Hacienda San Jorge.


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